Posted in May 2012

Friday Favorites

1) and free stuff. With the code FREESHIP, you can get up to $25 of free shipping on my favorite ebay-run site. I just ordered all the fiction 2011 National Book Award winners, shipped, for $22. Normally shipping is $4.00/book. Books are $0.75 or so usually, but the shipping kills it. This is awesome. … Continue reading

Friday favorites

1) NPR It occurred to me this morning after a WOD that included lots of jumping rope (I can’t do those things they call “double unders,” so to me it’s just jumping rope), I look like I’ve been reading too much 50 Shades of Grey. You get that thing spinning and it smacks the hell … Continue reading

Experiment #1 + continued CrossFit torture. This morning, Dr. Stew of Active Life Concepts did some crazy ass things to my hips and back. He got me out of the snatch strength session (a snatch is an Olympic lift. I am more benchwarmer in the rec league) and we worked lottsssss of hip stretches and kettlebells. … Continue reading

Hello, World!

I’ve spent years trying to decipher whether grains are good or bad, milk is for baby mammals or the good of humankind, carbs are just calories or the devil incarnate, fruits are nature’s candy or a healthy staple, meat is natural or nasty, diet coke is a bubbly treat or a strange poison, cereal is the … Continue reading