Experiment #1

myfitnesspal.com + continued CrossFit torture. This morning, Dr. Stew of Active Life Concepts did some crazy ass things to my hips and back. He got me out of the snatch strength session (a snatch is an Olympic lift. I am more benchwarmer in the rec league) and we worked lottsssss of hip stretches and kettlebells. The Bootie has a mind of its own, a topic I’ll approach often in this blog, and it requires special attention, i.e., a chiropractor to crack all those low back bones that shouldn’t hurt at my age. (Side story: I once saw a chiropractor for my neck in college. I cried. I do not get my neck adjusted).

Anyway, our workout (or WOD, workout of the day) after a million kettlebell swings and snatches was:

5 rounds for time:
10 KB snatches (5 each arm) I used 20#s
10 KB swings (25#)
10 burpees

I finished/almost died in 9:55. That’s the thing about CrossFit. It’s brutal, you feel like you’re going to die in under 10 minutes, then you don’t die, then you feel AWESOME because you are such a badass.


Me, post-WOD

Me, post-post-WOD, when I realize I’m not dead

After booking it to work, I got to work on the “eat what I want but track it and try to stay under whatever calories myfitnesspal tells me to do” plan.

Breakfast: Non-fat Greek yogurt + fresh berries
Skinny Caramel latte

Snack: 1 T crunchy peanut butter

Lunch: Mozzarella, tomato, balsamic and lettuce on ciabatta
fresh berries

Oh, would you look at that? I ate a sandwich, folks. Sandwich = second favorite food (I dressed as cookie monster for halloween, so take a guess at the first). I never eat sandwiches, especially since trying the Fred Flinstone diet (post forthcoming). So far, so good. Sandwich on diet: check.

The neighborhood kids liked it. The adults were a little creeped out.

I still have plenty of calories for dinner, so we’ll see how crazy hungry I get before I can cook the flounder my dad caught this weekend. I’ve also had too much sugar, mostly because the Greek yogurt was processed crap, but it was better than M&Ms, my other choice.

That’s the cool thing about myfitnesspal. It tracks your macronutrients and you can customize to track stuff like sugar, cholesterol and calcium as well. Millions of users, so most foods are in there somewhere. If not, you can add it on your own.

MFP wants me to eat 1230 calories/day, plus what I burn in a workout. I’ve done that before. It’s not a ton of food, but once you get into a groove, it’s not impossible. By the power of the MFP app, I should lose 1.5 lbs weekly. We’ll see. For now, a pedicure. Yay Groupon!

Oh, and if you think singing the body blues is all I do, I have another website/blog thingy. It’s dboothsummers.com. It’s where I don’t use phrases like “Booth butt” and “crazy ass things.” I can write without dropping three and four letter words, but it’s not always fun. Hence, two blogs.


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