You don’t have to fry fish… but you probably should.

Ideally, you should. In cornmeal. In a griddle. With hush puppies and homemade slaw.

But, since my rearing on fried yummies got me in this mess in the first place, I decided to experiment.

I spent Mother’s Day weekend on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in Kiptopeke. My parents, a semi-retired city employee and a state counting-down-the-days-til-retirement employee, recently rented a seasonal spot at a campground and parked their new (to them) camper. It’s the state employee equivalent of a move to Florida.The redneck version of a beach house. (Side note: I use redneck as a term of endearment. Despite the stereotypes, there are many reasons to be proud of a country, working class upbringing, like knowing how to grow and catch your own food).

RV parks: where rednecks go to party.

That’s me and my sweet Mama, enjoying the spacious camper and gorgeous weather. Many of my best childhood memories are from camping in an old, tiny popup. The Prowler feels like a mansion. It has a microwave! The whole family is quite excited to make more great memories. Mom would also like to fill it with grandchildren, but that’s another story.

The gorgeous view from the pub and pavilion at Sunset Beach RV Park.

All of this to say… Dad and my brother caught some fish. Flounder and mullet. At Whole Paycheck Foods, wild-caught NC flounder is often $22/pound.

Last night, we dined on delicious, broiled Chesapeake Bay flounder fo’ fwee. Free! One of my favorite four-letter words beginning with the letter F!

Now, Dad’s fried fish is ideal for a splurge. For a Tuesday night quick dinner, I sprinkled the filets with sea salt and broiled for four minutes. Then I used a couple of pats of good butter (I am a firm believer in good butter in tiny amounts), red pepper flakes, celery salt, garlic pepper and parsley to flavor. Stuck it back in for three minutes. Most of the butter fell to the bottom of the broiler pan, but enough stuck around for flavor.

It was delicious. Esp with a bit of lemon juice.

For a side, I threw a few of these in the microwave and then in the frying pan with a little olive oil, too much red pepper (my nose was running by the end of the meal), and a few other random spices. Yum.

Costco fo LIFE

This morning at CrossFit Durham I had my first encounter with wall balls, toes-to-bar (which, for me, was a reverse crunch on the floor) and the floor press. I worked up to a 60# 1 rep max (basically, the most you can lift).

3 rounds:
21 wall balls (10#), 21 toes-to-bar (floor, wimpy version)
Finish w an 800m run (0.5 mi)

I finished in 11:38. It was a slowwwww run.

Then we had to do 100 band pull-aparts. Ow. I can’t scratch my own back now.

Tonight we’re headed to Six Plates Wine Bar with neighbors to use our Groupon. I suggested going after 8pm. My neighbors have a four-month old. They laughed and said, “Oh, you have so much to learn.” Indeed.


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