Friday Favorites

1) and free stuff.

With the code FREESHIP, you can get up to $25 of free shipping on my favorite ebay-run site. I just ordered all the fiction 2011 National Book Award winners, shipped, for $22. Normally shipping is $4.00/book. Books are $0.75 or so usually, but the shipping kills it. This is awesome.

2) crappy horror flicks, like the one I’m going to see by myself tonight since it’s Friday and my spouse will be at work til late. 27% on rotten tomatoes? Solid.

Yeahhhh boyeeeee

3) Durham. Durham is amazing for a million reasons, but this weekend we’re going to the Doughman. It’s a relay race that involves food from local restaurants. But we’re just going to the afterparty at MotorCo (which happens to be across the street from the world’s greatest gym). $25 all the Durham yummies you can eat and drink. My non-alcoholic ticket was $15.

Bull City Pride

4) Vacation. That’s right, my vacation started after work today. In a few short days, we’re headed to:

Arenal National Park, Costa Rica

Playa Tambor, CR

Poas Volcano, CR

5) to echo #1, DEALS. We’re going to Costa Rica for a week for less than the cost of a plane ticket there, including great hotels, a rental car, tours and breakfasts. Because I’m awesome at finding deals. Like that time my mom and I flew to Italy for $250 RT. YES.

So I may not post until we’re back, but it will probably be some whiny post about how fat I got on vacation. Just warning you. Whatever, I’m EXCITED! Enjoy the long weekend, eat lots of lean protein (hot dogs don’t count) and delicious cold salads (I love salad weather) and an ice cream or two. Don’t forget to get off your butt once or twice. Maybe to dance, or play volleyball in the pool, or walk your poor neglected doggies.

Walk me, lazy human.


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