Only one

Yesterday at CrossFit Durham, I was the only one:

  • who used the few minutes before the workout began to work on getting a full range of motion pushup from the toes. because i was the only one there who didn’t have one.
  • who could perform absolutely zero ring skills. you know when you used to flip upside down on the monkey bars as a kid? like that, only with the rings they use in men’s gymnastics competitions. while others were practicing inversions, skin-the-cats and the like, i did a few ring pushups and mostly made a fool of myself

  • who used a measly 8 lb wall ball for the WOD, which was 5 rounds of 10 wall ball burpees and 20 med ball situps. Rx for women = 12# and I saw a few ladies using 14.
  • who was still going at 15 minutes into the WOD. I finished at 15:14

But I was THERE, dammit. And I was trying hard. And I was spent after the WOD. I have the bruises to prove it. Every time I felt like stopping, I told myself it was only in my mind and kept going. I kept really good form on the med ball situps (not so much on the wall ball burpees).

The funny thing about CrossFit is that being the last one to finish and the weakest link doesn’t make me want to quit; it makes me want to get faster, fitter, stronger.

I was THERE, dammit.


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