Cheatin’ on CrossFit

So yesterday a friend at work asked me to come to a class at our company’s gym. She’s trying to lose the baby weight and get back in the gym so I thought, heck yes, fitness solidarity. I’m in. The class was called “body sculpt” and I’ve done similar classes before. This’ll be easy compared to CrossFit, right?

Well, I’ve been exclusive to CrossFit boot camp and regular WODs since January. I’ve flirted with a little running and had a brief fling with an Insanity video, but those closely mimicked at least some of the stuff I’d been doing at CFD.

CF is about functional moves. We don’t do vanity moves, like the bicep curl, because it only uses one muscle, and it’s not a move you do in real life. In real life you lift things with cleans, presses, etc. And why work one muscle at a time when you can do a thruster and work them all while hating your life intensely? Or so goes the CrossFit ideology… anyway, I have to admit: I thought I’d be pretty badass at this body sculpt class, especially when I saw that the HEAVIEST weight in the gym was a 10 lb barbell. I’m pretty sure that’s the lightest weight at CFD. There might be 8s. Maybe… And then we started with marching in place and step touch.

Forty-five minutes later, I was sort-of sweaty, nicely stretched and pretty humbled. It was no great workout. But I did get in some nice balance work and some challenging pushups on the bench. And I realized I can’t laterally raise 10 lbs on each shoulder. Which is weird, because the bar I start with for other stuff is 33# and then I work up… and lateral raises do seem functional. But what do I know?

So, did this body sculpt class work vanity muscles we don’t work in CrossFit, was I just tired from the previous day’s burpee/wall ball torture, or am I just a weakling?

I don’t know, but I’ll say this. I could’ve done that same workout in a 10 minute AMRAP of pushups, sit ups and squats and worked up a much bigger sweat. And spent the other 35 minutes learning to do something cool, like deadlifts or back squats. But I also thought I’d be able to whip out a lot more reps with those 10 lb weights. I thought I’d have much-improved balance. In the end, I’m thankful for a workout that’s fast-paced, that actually relieves stress, that makes me want to come back. No wonder I couldn’t stick to a gym schedule when I did stuff like body sculpt. I hadn’t found something I loved.

I went into this class as a “CrossFit is better” workout snob, and left as a slightly sore “CrossFit is different and better for me” mindset. I’m proud that I’m at least attempting a workout this tough, but what’s that Bible verse? Pride cometh before the fall and bust your knees during a box jump?

From a CF blog… that doesn’t seem healthy, eh?