Five years later…


I’m blogging from my iPad. Yes, my iPad. Y’all know I’m one of those technocrastinators who would rather just not download an app than update my iPhone’s iOS so it’s actually functional (don’t get me started on those “critical” Word updates). I would never admit that I wanted something as crazy as an iPad and I most certainly never would’ve bought one for myself.

Enter our fifth anniversary. Matt gets all mysterious on me and says “just be ready to go after work on Friday.” Oh, and he stays locked in the office most of the week working on “research” for a review paper he’s been writing.

I originally planned a great trip to Philly to see his best man, another medical resident who has no time to do anything, and see the Falcons play the Eagles. Perfect. Best friend, favorite team, fun quarterback. Except, there’s no way he can switch his weekend like I assumed. Thank goodness Southwest airlines offers refunds and I had only been pricing the NFL tickets.

So two days before, I’m scrambling. I settled on NFL Sunday Ticket MAX and a pair of Bose headphones so he can watch games on his iPad when he’s on nightfloat next year. Pat on the back, pretty cool, good job Booth. Wife with football gifts = happy man.

Heh. FOOTBALL. Honey, he kept this trip a surprise until I was sure that we were far enough down I-40 that we were either going somewhere near Wilmington or we were going sailing in our Civic. An amazing B&B, lots of relaxing on Carolina Beach, reservations at a local fondue placethat blows Melting Pot out of the water and just general together time.

But Friday night he presented me with this iPad. And a stylus. And the bluetooth keyboard I’m using. And then he said “let’s try it out.” I went to plug in the iPad and he shook his head and said “just turn it on.” It was charged and loaded with pictures of the view from my parents’ porch (the most gorgeous place in the world) and my Grandma Booth’s farmhouse. Oh, and about 10 different apps centered around writing.

He knows that I write in notebooks and then transfer to Word. I don’t know why that works for me but it does. Heck, I didn’t even know he knew that, to be honest. With these gorgeous journaling apps, handwriting recognition software and my nifty stylus, no more scattered spirals.

Also: tons of reading apps, subscriptions to favorite magazines, cookbooks. A writing and reading machine. To encourage me to keep writing. To make it easier to keep it all together. Swoon.

But oh, it gets better. “This thing has awesome video quality, check it out.” I open the video thinking we’ll watch a demo and I’ll oooh and ahhh at the HD. Instead, there’s a video entitled “happy anniversary.” Imagine the sweetest handwritten card message you’ve ever received, interspersed with pictures from your entire relationship with your first dance song playing in the background. With some perfectly placed humor mostly centering on questionable pictures from college.

I don’t cry much. I pretty much ruined his nice Tommy Bahama shirt with loads of blubbery mascara. I was stunned. Not because I didn’t think he had it in him… He’s more of a romantic than I am. But just that I was expecting a cool weekend away… and then there was an iPad… but it wasn’t just an iPad, it was an iPad loaded with pictures of Booth Road, writing apps, books… and then the video. If we had stayed at home and ordered pizza and he had texted me that video and I had watched it on my broken iPhone on the couch while How I Met Your Mother droned in the background, I would’ve been the happiest girl alive.

But everything… I was just so overwhelmed with joy. You guys, if you love someone, fight for it. Don’t blame your shit on them; don’t blame their shit on your inability to “fix it.” Don’t sweat the small stuff but don’t ignore the big stuff. Err on the side of small stuff. Protect your time and love fiercely. And encourage each other.

Love is a gift. Give generously, elaborately and often.



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