Random Bootie

1. I have a job interview on Thursday, so I’ve focused my energies there instead of here. My current contract ends in September, and I have to work.

2. I realized that the last two days I’ve worn two different outfits with the same components: Michael Kors jersey knit blouse from Macy’s clearance rack, Limited pants from TJ Maxx, on-sale flats from the internets. Is this:

A. Comfortable chic
B. Evidence that I have a few favorite brands and wear them often?
C. Just plain lazy?

3. CrossFit has been fun lately. Yesterday I did this (after Coach Doug essentially put me up there) for about 10 seconds:

This isn’t me but I looked that cool

Today I did a snatch grip deadlift at 128#. It’s essentially a regular deadlift with a wider grip, which means you can lift less. I felt strong! Yay me!

4. I posted this article on Facebook yesterday and have had long conversations with Matt and Mom about my responsibility as a blessed, privileged, educated woman to consider the political ramifications of my personal choices. It’s about SAHMs. I know many strong, feminist SAHMs. I’d like to know what they think about the piece. Conclusions from conversations: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

5. I have tried to make this recipe twice in the last three days. Here’s a hint: Use wayyyyyyy less Stevia than the box tells you. It’s much sweeter than they think. The first batch was just awful sweet, and y’all know I love some sweets, but I couldn’t eat them. Last night’s batch tasted like a cross between styrofoam and cardboard. The dogs have eaten a lot of coconut almond macaroons lately.

6. #5 is because my body has been screaming FEED ME CRUNCHY CARBY THINGS, WOMAN. Damn hormonal carb cravings.


2 thoughts on “Random Bootie

  1. I have some awesome recipes for essentially sugar-free gluten-free no-bake cookies. They’re absolutely awesome and are almost like a semi-indulgent granola bar.. so proud of you, sis!

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