Bootie Break



The last few weeks have changed my life significantly. My day to day, anyway. I didn’t convert to Rastafarianism like Snoop Lion or break any world records, but my routine has been disrupted. Here’s what happened.



I went on a lot of job interviews. One for a FT teaching position at a local community college, one for an internal communications specialist at SAS and one for a comm and development specialist in the Duke Dept of Psychiatry. It all happened REALLY fast. Lots of suits and resumes and missed hours of work.



Then I flew to Austin to chill w/ my sissy (in-law, but whatevs) and help her plan wedding stuff. Friday and Saturday we ran around like crazy people, meeting with vendors and trying on dresses. Sunday we experienced the Hipster Glory of Austin. You can get almond milk (for soy-less vegans) and coconut milk (paleo kids) in any coffee shop! Acid-washed jeans! Food truck “trailer park”s! It was a blast. I had an interview at 9:30 Monday morning. My flight got in about 8 hours before that.


That was THIS Monday. To get extra hours at work, I’ve been skipping the gym. My wrist isn’t getting better. My stress level and my waistline grow in anticipation of some WORKING OUT, DEB.


Wednesday, I was offered the teaching job. Thursday, I was offered a job at Duke University leading communications in the Dept. of Psychiatry. I am SO excited. I turned in my two week notice at SAS. They asked me not to serve my notice, apparently a common practice in tech companies. That’s all I’ll say about it.


I have an unexpected week of summer! Come Monday, I’ll be hitting the 8:30 class at CrossFit Durham, organizing my house, filling my fridge w/ healthiness and generally being happy about my permanent, interesting job. Close friends know that mental health is my cup of tea as far as interests and passions go. I’m psyched (heh).

Until Monday, I’m laying out in the pool and getting what will likely be my final tan of the summer. I promise to be interesting again once I’ve regained my capacity for thought outside of job-related stuff. Last night I had a brilliant idea about this whole “I’ll have honey mustard and homophobia with my nuggets” thing, couldn’t wake up enough to write it down. Probably for the best.











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