Boo boo bootie

My body thinks I’m 75. Because now my LEFT SI joint, which isn’t the one that bothers me normally, is throbbing. Know what you shouldn’t do when your SI joint is inflamed?

  • run
  • swing kettlebells
  • deadlift
  • squat with any weight
  • situps
  • burpees
  • walk for long distances
  • sit for long periods of time (i.e. my job)
  • anything one-sided, like pistols or KB snatches
  • cleans
  • snatches
  • double unders

Pretty much, anything involving the lower body or bending at the hip. So I could do a WOD of pushups, pullups and… presses, I guess.

This ain’t muscle soreness. This is joint inflammation, and I ain’t messin’ with it. I did a week of WODs involving heavy deadlifts, lots of cleans and overhead squats. My 75 year old hips said “whoaaaa fattie.”  (I’m trying to teach them that negative self-talk isn’t productive, but they have a mind of their own.)

So, I have a few options:

  • continue RICEing and just walk the dogs and do some pushups from time to time til it feels better
  • go to Dr. Stew and get adjusted
  • go to a physical therapist and figure out why my SI joints do this and get some strengthening exercises or something

I don’t want to stop crossfitting. But damn. I tried to go Saturday, decided to trade the heavy back squats for some situps (I didn’t know they were a no-no at the time) and double unders (ditto). Aaaandddd I left. Because I am only 26. I have many, many more years to walk around on these babies. I might be exaggerating (me? no!), but I gotta figure this out instead of just grinding away with the heavy deads and popping ibuprofen and icing and taking breaks/feeling lazy.

This isn’t a big deal. But when stuff hurts when you work out, and not in the good “omggggg I cannot bend my arms/i’m getting stronger!” way, it’s better to figure it out than play the “no pain, no gain” game into waking up in my 40s with 80-year-old aches.


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