Political Bootie

Dear Mr. President,

The big bird thing is cute. But we don’t need cute. If you can’t make the connection between big bird, public education and an educated population, then stop talking about him. Three year olds can’t vote.

Also, early voting has begun. Not sure if that massive debate fail was a strategy, but for some, it’s too damn late.

Stop beginning your sentences with “Look.” We already are. We’re looking to you to give us something, something that tells us we’re more important than the folks running this corporate oligarchy.

Respond to the right’s claims about crazy government spending and the deficit with numbers, hard and fast. Don’t philosophize. Say, without the words “look” and “let me be clear”, that you’ve reduced the deficit and government spending by x amounts.

Emphasize the fact that Romney was born successful. Most Americans are not. I’ve met plenty of people who think they’re awesome because they work hard and forget that they don’t have a dime of student loans, had an SAT prep course that’s worth more than my current vehicle, and could afford to volunteer, not work, in college. They lack the perspective to acknowledge their privileges and to work to extend those to others. There are good rich folks in this world. Romney ain’t one of them.
Finally, wake.the.f.up. Paul Ryan does not get to tell me what to do with my uterus.
Concerned, middle class, female cookie monster fan.

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