Baby bootie

Well, here’s my solid excuse for my sporadic at best blogging lately: WE’RE HAVING A BABY! We had our first ultrasound today and everything looked great. I’m due June 16.

My diet has been anything but balanced. I have to eat or I’ll puke (I tested that this morning. I puked in a Panera before I could get a bite of the bagel down. So, I also have to eat on the way to the restaurant). Eating makes me feel sick, but I have to eat every couple of hours or I’ll actually get sick. Cooking, even opening the fridge, makes me really sick. So I’ve been eating fast food salads and grilled chicken sandwiches. Cereal. Lots of peanut butter toast. More saltines than I can count.

I am simultaneously FAMISHED and repulsed by the thought of food. I wake up in the middle of the night hungry and sometimes I feel like I can’t eat fast enough… but if I eat quickly, I get sick. I don’t have many cravings, but so far they’ve included crunchy lettuce, Wendy’s single with cheese, rice, baked potatoes, oranges and orange juice. My favorite foods – tangy salads, feta, goat cheese, anything with garlic, rich, decadent desserts – sound just plain awful.

Also, I’m constantly nauseous and exhausted. This has reduced my love for rigorous workouts (I had been doing CrossFit at home) to a maybe twice weekly 20 minute walk with the dogs when I feel like I can do it without puking.

All I do is sleep and eat. And, as I was told at the wedding I was in this weekend, I look like hell (it was in a nice way, and I wasn’t offended).

I have only actually puked once, so it’s not like I’m losing weight (the constant, necessary influx of carbs is preventing that). I am trying to listen to my body and not worry about weight, exercise, etc. during this first trimester of sickness, but y’all know me.

Listen. Elmer the Embryo is kicking around in there and that makes me obnoxiously happy. But I didn’t start a blog about my Large and In Charge Ass because I’m fine and dandy with it; I did it because if you can’t beat it, might as well embrace it and blog about it, right? So, the fact that my stomach is going to poke out as much (and let’s be honest, more. I’m no Kardashian) as my ass eventually is making me nervous. At the same time, I’m really excited for the bump! Some days I’ve been so bloated I was surprised they didn’t count four little embryos on the monitor today.

So, I’m gonna be a Mama. I heard its little heart fluttering like crazy. It hasn’t sunk in quite yet. Mama Bootie. I can do that.



2 thoughts on “Baby bootie

    • PS: this is embarrassing, but sometimes when I am saying bad things about my body, Mike will say, “Do you really want the baby-cat to hear things like that?” For better or worse, that actually makes me shut up. (Yes, I know she’s just a cat, but our vet told us she was overweight, so we have to be careful what we say. ; )).

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