Thankful bootie…

Thanksgiving and I have a love/hate relationship. Love: traditions that involve family, gratefulness, feasting. Meh: turkey, nut job shopping. Hate: mashed potato hangover and the absurdity of a celebration of how our ancestors murdered an entire race to take land that their god (I think his name is Moola, some kind of weird cash bovine deity) told them was theirs. So, I propose a new Thanksgiving. A holiday set aside to recognize our blessings in life and spend time with family, cooking family recipes, eating yummies and helping others. We don’t need to whitewash a history about it. It can just be what it is. How about August? August feels distinctly holiday-less. And we probably would eat more salads since it’s so dang hot.

ANYWAY, I did have a wonderful, if gluttonous, holiday. And am quite thankful for my wonderful family. And I did eat the best pecan pie of my life. Gotta feed Elmer.

Speaking of Elmer, tomorrow I’ll be 11 weeks and according to Mayo Clinic, the alien/parasite/human-in-training growing inside my uterus will officially be a Fetus. Matt and I had a fun little naming system. When we first found out, Matt would ask “How’s my little buddy?” And Buddy the Blastocyst was born. Don’t ask me how we came up with Elmer the Embryo, but we did. We tried to decide on an F name for F the Fetus… Felicia (sounds too much like fellatio), Fannie (too many “When is Fannie coming out of your fanny?!” jokes), Freddie (snore), Frank (the name of Sammie’s beloved Hummer, Frank the Tank) and so forth.

In CO, Sarah’s Mom suggested Frodo. And I about died. If you know me, you know that I’m a *little* obsessed with Lord of the Rings. And there are so many jokes! Hobbits love second breakfast! “My precious!!!!” Gollum looks sort of like a fetus, right?! Others I’m too tired to think of! I loved it.

Matt seems… ambivalent at best. I’m surprised I didn’t get an outright “hell, no, crazy.” He hasn’t warmed to it like he did to Elmer. So… maybe we’ll stick with Elmer, and just extend it to Elmer Fudd the Fetus. After all, what else does Elmer Fudd look like if not a giant, redneck baby?



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