Bump bootie

You guys. It’s here. This is me at 11w/3d

2012-11-26 16.22.46

Sandwich or baby? Sandwich.

2012-11-26 16.24.08

Matt was all “aren’t you supposed to show your belly?”

So that was two weeks ago. Last night as I was reminding myself not to lay on my back, I felt A Bump. Not a Bloat, which I’ve had since day one, but A Ginuwine Bump. Proof at 13w/4d:

That, my friends, is not a sandwich. And skin is not mandatory.

That, my friends, is not a sandwich. And skin is not mandatory.




The top button on the jeans is history. I bought a bella band today at Target, mostly because I can’t find maternity jeans that don’t slide their way down my hips in 10 minutes. Low rise has always annoyed me, but apparently it’s mandatory for maternity jeans? What about just a front panel and jeans that actually cover your ass when you sit down? If you find them, send me a link.


Another exciting note: I AM IN MY SECOND TRIMESTER. I’M WORKING OUT AND EATING PROTEIN AGAIN. I DON’T FEEL LIKE SHIT. In fact, yesterday I was a little hypomanic and cleaned out both cars, updated the radio in the Camry, did a ton of freelance work, washed a bunch of clothes, put away the million things that were hiding in our car trunks, did a bunch of financey stuff online, went grocery shopping, made lunch and dinner, started reading Happiest Baby on the Block, and a few other things I can’t remember. Whew.

Anyway, that’s my tummy. Elmer the Fudd lives there. In one month and two days, we find out whether Elmer is Elmer or Elmyra, and then shit gets real. S/he waved at us on our 12 week ultrasound, and I couldn’t tell if it was all “hey mom, hey dad!” or “what is this instant oatmeal shit? BACON AND EGGS, WOMAN.”





One thought on “Bump bootie

  1. Gap khaki maternity pants or corduroys. They have the widest band I’ve found and aren’t low rise, but aren’t way over the bump, which I don’t find comfortable until at least third trimester.

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