Boy bootie

By now most of y’all know it’s a BOY!!! Lemme give you the long version.

When we first got pregnant we questioned whether to find out the baby’s sex. No matter how conscientious you want to be, you make lots of assumptions about your future kid based on their sex. But, selfishly, I am impatient and JUST. WANT. TO. KNOW. Now, preferably.

And we went shopping. There are about zero things you can buy that aren’t pink or blue, and we weren’t ready to do a room in tan. Even the yellow/green stuff is subtly gendered. So, yes, we want to see if we’re growing a male or female. If only so we can actually buy stuff for it. Because infants don’t care if they really prefer pink even though our culture says pink is for girls. Infant clothing and decor is about the parents. And we want to know. If our toddler wants a pink skirt and barbies, he will have a pink skirt and barbies. For now, at least we can shop easily.

So, as my Christmas present, Matt made us an appointment at Prenatal Peek. It’s like a Botox only dermatologists office, only for preggos. All they do is 3D/4D ultrasound. And it was AWESOME. If we had waited, we would have another week until we found out girl/boy. But at 15 weeks, Matt and I had a little envelope with pictures of our future child’s genitals (I’ll get to the point where I had to point out its testicles to my Papaw, but anyway…).

The whole experience was awesome, and then we went to our favorite frozen custard place, Goodberrys. We asked the server to look in the envelope and mix blueberries for a boy and strawberries for a girl and then cover it in whipped cream.

Well, the server got confused. When she called us back to the counter, the sealed envelope accompanied pink ice cream. She thought we wanted HER to guess the sex of our baby. Even she thought that was strange, so we patiently explained ourselves a bit better, and turns out, blueberries are not just funny strawberries. IT’S A BOY!

We were so, so sure it was a girl that the first thing out of Matt’s mouth was “these strawberries look funny.” Except they were blueberries. And we were ecstatic. We would have loved either but we had an awesome boy’s name picked out and wanted to use it. Again, silly and trivial reasons but if you saw me cooing over the stuffed animals in our developing nursery you’d find it par for the course.

That night we drove to VA to have Christmas with Matt’s sister and fiance, in by surprise from Texas. Our plan was to make cupcakes filled with blue frosting and have my family over for hot dogs and chips the next night. We sent Matt’s grandma and mom “it’s a boy” flowers to surprise them since they couldn’t come for the cupcakes. But Sammie had other things in mind. She planned games, decor and a full menu. Between her and Randy’s friend, it was a real, live party. We invited some uncles and aunts, and instead of telling them “no presents, it’s not a shower, just a family gathering” like I’d requested, Mom told them to bring baby books. So now we have a nice little library!

According to 10 or the 13 old wives tales Sammie used in her game, we were having a boy. According to the colors in the room, we were having a girl. My aunt had on hot pink sweats, and Chase sported baby pink pants and hot pink cowboy boots.

Even my 19-year-old brother was excited. He was the first one to actually bite into the blue part of his cupcake. He hollered, and everyone knew at that point it was a boy.

That is pure joy.

That is pure joy.


It was fun, joyful and low key. Sammie is the best. Oh, and that night, I felt a flutter in my belly for the first time. It was Owen, asking me why I thought it was time to sleep when he clearly wanted to keep the party going 🙂 I am finally getting really excited about this!!!

In other news, I’m 17 weeks now. In 17 weeks I’ve gained about 10 lbs. That’s too much, but here are my ready excuses:

1) ulcer that says FEED ME OR I HURT
2) Thanksgiving
3) Christmas
4) What I’ve affectionately deemed my “farm tits.” I once started a blog about my big bootie. The boobs got jealous and are now paying me back in the form of HUGE.

If I can keep it to 15-20 more, I’ll be happy. My whole “oh, I’m only going to gain 15 lbs total” thing was just plain silliness. Between 2 & 3 I usually gain about 5 lbs anyway. The difference this year is I can’t diet it away in the first two weeks of January. In fact, I’ve been RAVENOUS lately.

And we decided on a nursery theme!!! I’ll post pictures when I get the prints in, but basically, the entire nursery is inspired by this Trafalgar Square print:

Fuffalump bubbles!

Fuffalump bubbles!

Colors are white and gray with hints of blue. I linked so you can see the other stuff they sell. It’s ridiculously awesome.

Soon I’ll post a 15 week belly pic. The non-maternity shirts are all riding up my tummy now and my normal fat jeans are getting uncomfortable.

Y’all, I am just overjoyed. Every time I see a baby/kid/pregnant person in public, I’m all silly-giddy. I promise I’m not a creeper, just imagining myself with one of whatever you’re carrying in a few months. Pardon my ogling.


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