Bustin’ out bootie…

Recently I posted this picture to facebook under the caption “Big Things Poppin’ at 22 Weeks”

22 weeksMatt’s comment: “Baby, you look beautiful in that picture. But you’ve got big boulders.”

And that’s what they feel like. Boulders. I hear they’ll get even bigger. I sincerely hope not because I’m already using a heating pad and tylenol. I know back pain in pregnancy is normal, but I assumed it would be low back pain and later. Not “THESE ARE TOO BIG, DEB.” cries from my upper back about halfway through.

On the upside, the “boulders” are encouraging me to look forward to getting the post-delivery okay from my doc to exercise and start a weight loss program. My paleo and whole foods friends will balk, but I’m seriously considering weight watchers. The program is WAY less focused on processed crap than it used to be, although you can really swing it that way if you like. Now that I know a fat-free yogurt that’s one point is worse for you than some plain greek yogurt with stevia and cinnamon that’s two points… and then if I don’t want to eat pork fried in coconut oil for breakfast (WHOLE30), I don’t have to. I get that some people love it. Not me. And if anyone wants to go together and get me a personal trainer for a shower gift, I know Owen will love the gift of a less-stressed, worked-out Mommy.

Anywho, that’s down the road. For now, I’m getting over (cracking my knuckles on the coffee table here) a nasty two-week cold that’s kept me in bed and out of the gym. I think the poor dogs got walked… twice? Last night Matt and I finally made it out of the house. Every other time I’ve tried I’ve felt too crappy.

As far as other pregnancy symptoms, the cold tempered the second-trimester famished monster living in my tummy for a bit, but I’ve still been HONgry with a capital HON. And lots of happy kicks in the bladder. Owen thinks it’s funny to make mommy have to pee so often. He’s already picking on me, just like his Daddy.

We are a good way through the nursery… walls are painted, furniture is purchased/thrifted/painted and in place. I’m also into books recommended by the wonderful Lizzie Cozine (and Mayo Clinic MD), Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, and The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth. My incredibly skeptical husband was impressed with the citations and literature summaries in the second.

But now I have questions for my providers. What’s your C-section rate? What’s your episiotomy rate? Will you allow me to forgo an EFM if all is normal? And though I like the doctor I requested, I’ve only seen him once during my pregnancy. The doctor I saw last… well, I had all these questions, and I was too shy to ask them. You know, about how often she cuts open vaginas, potentially mine. Who AM I? IT’S MY BODY. Ask the questions, Deb. But the abrupt attitude – she wasn’t rude, she just gave off the vibe that she’d roll her eyes if I asked hippy-dippy questions – made me keep my mouth shut. I have time. I’ll ask the NP at my next visit.

But, I mean, I know a few things about myself. I don’t have a high pain tolerance in the pelvic region. I actually did a medical study for money that measured pain levels in that region (I know, I’m nuts) and I registered low on the scale. I also don’t want to be the Patient that Knows More than the Doctor. I’ve been told there’s nothing more annoying. I don’t want to be all “Web MD said…” or “but that’s not in my birth plannnnnnnn”.

But: I have a right to ask questions about my body. And I’m tougher than I think. I just have to remind myself of that through this process. Thanks publicly, Lizzie, for recommending awesome books that are helping me get there. First time I’ve read stuff about labor and birth that focuses less on the gloom and doom and more on the amazing things your body does to bring another human into the world, and all the ways it can go right – hurt, badly, still – but right.

In other news, my awesome husband was named an Assistant Chief Resident of Duke Hospital. ACRs are third years that work with the Chief Residents (crazies taking an extra year of residency to be Zhe Boss of Zhe Residents) to supervise… stuff. I don’t know exactly what he’s going to be doing, but I know it involves leadership and teaching. I’m so proud of him and his accomplishments, which include a recent first-author paper with his Mayo mentor and a forthcoming first-author paper with his Duke mentor. All this, and he’s been a wonderful, supportive spouse during this pregnancy. He’s just a star. I love him.

In that vein, we’re headed to this cabin in Burnsville, NC, with the puppies for a Valentine’s Day Babymoon for the weekend. There’s a fenced in area for the dogs, a pond and 45 acres to run around on. We’re going to drink coffee on the porch, hope for some snow, walk in the woods, make pancakes, read baby books and be lazy. I can hardly wait.



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