Birthing bootie

Hey everyone! Long time no blog. Pregnancy sucked toward the end so I stayed off the blog. Well, here’s how Owen got here:

Wednesday (6/5) morning I woke up at 7:30 to Matt coming home from night float. I went to pee and kept going as I walked out the bathroom door. Then I realized it wasn’t pee… no “breaking” or “gush” for me, just a trickle. Took me a while to convince myself my water had actually broken since two days prior I was only 50% effaced and 0 dilated. But since I was GBS+ I called the midwife on call and she told me to take my time and come on in. I had zero contractions, so I knew an induction was on the way. I was hoping I was dilated and maybe I was one of those rare women who doesn’t really feel contractions… wishful thinking!
Anyway, they checked me at the hosp and I was still closed and only 50% effaced. The midwife said we coudl go with Pitocin right away or start cytotec, which ripens the cervis and brings on contractions. I opted for cytotec. After 4 25 mg doses inserted into my cervix (ow) and having my membranes stripped 3x (triple ow) and 12 hours, I was ALMOST a 2 and 80% effaced. So it was time for pitocin. The midwife advised me to “sleep” from midnight to 6 (i’d been there for 14 hrs at this point) and offered me an ambien. I opted for a benadryl but was having contractions (finally) so I didn’t sleep much at all. I think it was more so she wouldn’t have to deliver as she was going off shift at 8. But it was a good thing because THREE women came in that night too late to get pain meds and were screaming bloody murder. Any doubts I had about an epidural went away pretty quickly.
They started the pit and oh boy. Quickly uncomfortable but manageable contractions went to this alien sort of pain that actually feels unnatural, like it’s drug induced. Between the crazy amts of pit and cytotec they gave me, it was all I could do to wait until I was 4cm to get the epidural. Matt was a great labor coach and my mom gave him breaks and was excellent too. My support system was and has been top notch. I think I handled the contractions the best I could (sitting on the birthing ball with Matt supporting my back as I leaned back as far as I could), but I’m so glad I got the epi when I did.
Once I got the epi, I had a “hot spot”… it was directly in front of my SI joint on my uterus. I was feeling every contraction but just in that one spot. Put a hot iron on your arm and hold it there. That about approximates the pain. So the anest. gave me the “crack cocaine” dose and I couldnt even feel touch on my legs, much less move them. I slept from 4cm to 10cm, which was great because I had zero energy left after 26 hrs.
At 10 cm, they backed off the epi and that hot spot came back with a vengeance except this time my SI joint hurt too. the midwife wasn’t around because she thought it’d take me hours to push (so did I) and one of my many excellent and wonderful nurses started coaching me through pushing. Matt and aother great nurse held a leg while mom held the camera. Apparently i’m a good pusher because after a couple the nurse was paging the midwife. By the time she got there the head was showing. The midwife encouraged me to feel it and put up a mirror so i could see what was going on. i could only look every so often just to keep my sanity but it was kind of neat to see. The epi was awesome because pushing didn’t hurt and I actually liked it because i was doing something instead of just coping with pain. I pushed for 35 minutes, and Owen entered the world mewing like a kitten at 5:35pm on 6/6/13. The midwife said “grab your baby!” I didn’t realize I’d pushed him out! He came out and she handed him straight to me. They put him on my chest and I said “help him! help him! what’s wrong?!” because he was mewing and gargling, not wailing like I imagined him. Nothing was wrong, but I think I set the tone for my motherhood. SOMETHING IS WRONG FIX IT! Worrywart to the end, I guess.
He was also tiny. He weighed 7lbs 7 oz and was 20″ long. We had only bought two newborn outfits because we were sure he’d be a whopper but he was a tiny little kitten and had a perfectly round head. He promptly peed and pooped on me and claimed me his Mother.
Apparently, I learned later that I lost over a unit of blood (and was given 1000 of cytotec to encourage contractions) and that the cord was wrapped around his neck twice. I saw Mom and Matt exchange a worried look, but almost two weeks later I’m not feeling so weak anymore. His Apgar scores were 9s and he was not interested in nursing right away. Dad and Granny Booth cried, and I sat there in shock at what had just happened. Tears were not an option, I was too busy trying to process this baby in my arms. It was so unreal. It took a long time to kick in that I had birthed a child. I was in labor 32 hours.
He continued to make the sweetest little mewing noise almost constantly, even when asleep. We asked the respite nursery to take him so we could get some sleep (remember, matt had just come off a 12 hr night shift when we went to the hospital) and they ended up putting a suction tube down as he was mucusy. The noise has mostly stopped as his little systems have matured but it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard.
We went home from the hospital Saturday evening. He looks exactly like his Daddy with long, blonde eyelashes, sweet dimples and blue eyes. We’ve had good days and tough days, but we couldn’t be happier to have little Owen here with us. I’m slowly getting stronger and Matt is back to work now. We will share professional photos soon.
Oh, and in case you’re wondering… he has Matt’s bootie.

One thought on “Birthing bootie

  1. I am so so happy for you! This story brought tears to my eyes….I am so in awe of all mommas, but your birthing story sounds particularly intense, so way to be amazing, Deb! So many congratulations! He’s beautiful! ❤ ❤

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