I’m a certified word nerd with an MA to prove it. I write, read and talk incessantly and somehow get paid for it. I grew up in Concord, VA, with Mom, Dad, baby brother and once had a mean cat. I like books, travelling and food. Preferably a cocktail of the three.

I’ve learned to love working out and have recently guzzled the CrossFit koolaid. I haven’t figured out how to eat yet.

Woohoo! I jumped from a helicopter!

Spouse and high school sweetheart Matt is a certified science nerd and a resident physician at Duke University. He’s also a music nut and loves fly fishing out of a kayak, which I think is kind of crazy. He  grew up in Madison Heights, VA, with his younger sister, Mom, Dad and a stinky boxer named Chunk.

Hello, Europe!

Duke joined the family in March 2008 when Matt and I simultaneously suffered from a bout of temporary insanity. He loves peanut butter, squeaky toys, remaining as close as possible to nearby humans and slobbering on strangers. He is generally naughty but so cute it’s probably our fault. He wears Uncle Chunk’s choke collar to look tough.

Who, me?


Duke got a little lonely and bored when we moved to NC, so we had another moment of crazy and adopted Coco. She loves to chew on walls, sleep with her head on the pillow like a human and make odd noises when she’s not getting the attention she deserves, dammit.

Who, us?











Matt and I met in middle school, began dating in high school, attended University of Richmond together, got married and moved to Minnesota after college, stayed married and moved to North Carolina after med/grad school and have now been married almost 5 years. We used to do lots of fun things together. Now Matt works a lot and we talk about how we miss each other. We try to have a date night once every two weeks. We’re usually asleep by 9.


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