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Bump bootie

You guys. It’s here. This is me at 11w/3d So that was two weeks ago. Last night as I was reminding myself not to lay on my back, I felt A Bump. Not a Bloat, which I’ve had since day one, but A Ginuwine Bump. Proof at 13w/4d:       The top button on … Continue reading

Boo boo bootie

My body thinks I’m 75. Because now my LEFT SI joint, which isn’t the one that bothers me normally, is throbbing. Know what you shouldn’t do when your SI joint is inflamed? run swing kettlebells deadlift squat with any weight situps burpees walk for long distances sit for long periods of time (i.e. my job) … Continue reading

Derailed bootie

On Friday, I PRed my floor press (it’s a bench press, but from the floor. Less range of motion, less weight) by 18#s! I am awesome! Yay me! On Saturday, I went to a 2-hour beginners gymnastics workshop taught by an M.D./Ph.D. and collegiate gymnast who’s also a coach at our gym (dear life: how … Continue reading

Experiment #1 + continued CrossFit torture. This morning, Dr. Stew of Active Life Concepts did some crazy ass things to my hips and back. He got me out of the snatch strength session (a snatch is an Olympic lift. I am more benchwarmer in the rec league) and we worked lottsssss of hip stretches and kettlebells. … Continue reading