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Bustin’ out bootie…

Recently I posted this picture to facebook under the caption “Big Things Poppin’ at 22 Weeks” Matt’s comment: “Baby, you look beautiful in that picture. But you’ve got big boulders.” And that’s what they feel like. Boulders. I hear they’ll get even bigger. I sincerely hope not because I’m already using a heating pad and … Continue reading

Pantry Bootie

As this part of the country battens down their hatches, I’m mostly watching wind knock stuff around on my porch and gaping at pictures of empty NYC subways. And eating a hodge podge soup I made last night in 20 minutes that is, well, fantastic. Like, I would eat more, but the tummy only holds … Continue reading

Filthy bootie

This week was my first on the new job. It was a whirlwind of training and getting lost in the massive hospital. I have a 20 minute walk from my car to my office. I don’t mind it, actually. I love walking. It’s just insane that I went from commuting over 20 miles to commuting … Continue reading

Derailed bootie

On Friday, I PRed my floor press (it’s a bench press, but from the floor. Less range of motion, less weight) by 18#s! I am awesome! Yay me! On Saturday, I went to a 2-hour beginners gymnastics workshop taught by an M.D./Ph.D. and collegiate gymnast who’s also a coach at our gym (dear life: how … Continue reading

Random Bootie

1. I have a job interview on Thursday, so I’ve focused my energies there instead of here. My current contract ends in September, and I have to work. 2. I realized that the last two days I’ve worn two different outfits with the same components: Michael Kors jersey knit blouse from Macy’s clearance rack, Limited … Continue reading

Hammer time bootie

Yesterday I did this: It was loads of fun!!! And I got a PR on my pushpress!! A full 10# above my last lift. Good day for CrossFit. Yesterday was also my first day of the South Beach diet. This study + Matt’s discussions with colleagues (read: world nutrition experts/physicians at Duke who swear by … Continue reading

Beet ice cream bootie

Yesterday I went over my calories. Here’s how it happened: Workout: really tough but felt great afterwards Breakfast: greek yogurt. an hour later i went for a skim two shot latte. Lunch: First of all, that’s only 200 calories for breakfast. After a workout. That’s not enough. I had meetings until 12:30 so I didn’t … Continue reading

Brutal Bootie

You guys, today’s WOD was a doozy. I had a doctor’s appointment at 9, so I slept in and went to the 7:15 class. It was my first class with Doug and I have to say, I’m a big fan of both his taste in music and style in coaching. I used to listen to … Continue reading

Vacation Bootie

Alright, alright, I’ve been back for almost a week. But I just started life again. I worked Thursday and Friday of last week, but contractors don’t get things like PTO, so I had no choice. Costa Rica was fabulous. Just driving around the country was an adventure. We didn’t even get a flat, which I … Continue reading