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Mom for a month

I’ve been a mom for a month. Owen has grown so much. All those clich├ęs about one minute they’re coming home from the hospital and the next they’re off to college? True, true. Owen’s gained almost two pounds, he’s much more alert, he’s tracking objects with his eyes and he’s generally the most adorable thing … Continue reading

Birthing bootie

Hey everyone! Long time no blog. Pregnancy sucked toward the end so I stayed off the blog. Well, here’s how Owen got here: Wednesday (6/5) morning I woke up at 7:30 to Matt coming home from night float. I went to pee and kept going as I walked out the bathroom door. Then I realized … Continue reading

Bustin’ out bootie…

Recently I posted this picture to facebook under the caption “Big Things Poppin’ at 22 Weeks” Matt’s comment: “Baby, you look beautiful in that picture. But you’ve got big boulders.” And that’s what they feel like. Boulders. I hear they’ll get even bigger. I sincerely hope not because I’m already using a heating pad and … Continue reading

Boy bootie

By now most of y’all know it’s a BOY!!! Lemme give you the long version. When we first got pregnant we questioned whether to find out the baby’s sex. No matter how conscientious you want to be, you make lots of assumptions about your future kid based on their sex. But, selfishly, I am impatient … Continue reading

Baby bootie

Well, here’s my solid excuse for my sporadic at best blogging lately: WE’RE HAVING A BABY! We had our first ultrasound today and everything looked great. I’m due June 16. My diet has been anything but balanced. I have to eat or I’ll puke (I tested that this morning. I puked in a Panera before … Continue reading

Bum bootie

Oh, y’all. It has been a helluva month. You know the whole story of looking for work, juggling multiple offers, a surprise “no thanks, you can go now” when I gave my notice at my contract position, throw in some blast-from-the-past internet bullying, out of control eating and then this: two Saturdays ago: I’ll try … Continue reading

Bootie Break

    The last few weeks have changed my life significantly. My day to day, anyway. I didn’t convert to Rastafarianism like Snoop Lion or break any world records, but my routine has been disrupted. Here’s what happened.     I went on a lot of job interviews. One for a FT teaching position at … Continue reading

Friday Favorites

1. My little brother turned 19 on Tuesday. He’s coming to Durham tonight for a birthday dinner and an early morning IMAX 3D showing of The Dark Knight Rises. I remember vividly the day he was born. He now takes Vector Calculus and drives and shit. I’m old. 2. This article from my genius friend … Continue reading

Vacation Bootie

Alright, alright, I’ve been back for almost a week. But I just started life again. I worked Thursday and Friday of last week, but contractors don’t get things like PTO, so I had no choice. Costa Rica was fabulous. Just driving around the country was an adventure. We didn’t even get a flat, which I … Continue reading

Friday Favorites

1) and free stuff. With the code FREESHIP, you can get up to $25 of free shipping on my favorite ebay-run site. I just ordered all the fiction 2011 National Book Award winners, shipped, for $22. Normally shipping is $4.00/book. Books are $0.75 or so usually, but the shipping kills it. This is awesome. … Continue reading