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Filthy bootie

This week was my first on the new job. It was a whirlwind of training and getting lost in the massive hospital. I have a 20 minute walk from my car to my office. I don’t mind it, actually. I love walking. It’s just insane that I went from commuting over 20 miles to commuting … Continue reading

Random Bootie

1. I have a job interview on Thursday, so I’ve focused my energies there instead of here. My current contract ends in September, and I have to work. 2. I realized that the last two days I’ve worn two different outfits with the same components: Michael Kors jersey knit blouse from Macy’s clearance rack, Limited … Continue reading

This bootie don’t run

I am still in an allergy fog from yesterday’s “Endurance WOD.” A friend asked me if WOD meant workout of death. I told him it simply meant workout of the day, but yesterday, his explanation was more accurate. Let’s get something straight. I don’t like running. OK, I hate running. Burpees > running. That’s how … Continue reading

Brutal Bootie

You guys, today’s WOD was a doozy. I had a doctor’s appointment at 9, so I slept in and went to the 7:15 class. It was my first class with Doug and I have to say, I’m a big fan of both his taste in music and style in coaching. I used to listen to … Continue reading

Cheatin’ on CrossFit

So yesterday a friend at work asked me to come to a class at our company’s gym. She’s trying to lose the baby weight and get back in the gym so I thought, heck yes, fitness solidarity. I’m in. The class was called “body sculpt” and I’ve done similar classes before. This’ll be easy compared … Continue reading

Only one

Yesterday at CrossFit Durham, I was the only one: who used the few minutes before the workout began to work on getting a full range of motion pushup from the toes. because i was the only one there who didn’t have one. who could perform absolutely zero ring skills. you know when you used to … Continue reading

Experiment #1 + continued CrossFit torture. This morning, Dr. Stew of Active Life Concepts did some crazy ass things to my hips and back. He got me out of the snatch strength session (a snatch is an Olympic lift. I am more benchwarmer in the rec league) and we worked lottsssss of hip stretches and kettlebells. … Continue reading