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Friday Favorites

1. My little brother turned 19 on Tuesday. He’s coming to Durham tonight for a birthday dinner and an early morning IMAX 3D showing of The Dark Knight Rises. I remember vividly the day he was born. He now takes Vector Calculus and drives and shit. I’m old. 2. This article from my genius friend … Continue reading

Cheatin’ on CrossFit

So yesterday a friend at work asked me to come to a class at our company’s gym. She’s trying to lose the baby weight and get back in the gym so I thought, heck yes, fitness solidarity. I’m in. The class was called “body sculpt” and I’ve done similar classes before. This’ll be easy compared … Continue reading

Friday Favorites

1) and free stuff. With the code FREESHIP, you can get up to $25 of free shipping on my favorite ebay-run site. I just ordered all the fiction 2011 National Book Award winners, shipped, for $22. Normally shipping is $4.00/book. Books are $0.75 or so usually, but the shipping kills it. This is awesome. … Continue reading

Friday favorites

1) NPR It occurred to me this morning after a WOD that included lots of jumping rope (I can’t do those things they call “double unders,” so to me it’s just jumping rope), I look like I’ve been reading too much 50 Shades of Grey. You get that thing spinning and it smacks the hell … Continue reading