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Bustin’ out bootie…

Recently I posted this picture to facebook under the caption “Big Things Poppin’ at 22 Weeks” Matt’s comment: “Baby, you look beautiful in that picture. But you’ve got big boulders.” And that’s what they feel like. Boulders. I hear they’ll get even bigger. I sincerely hope not because I’m already using a heating pad and … Continue reading

Boy bootie

By now most of y’all know it’s a BOY!!! Lemme give you the long version. When we first got pregnant we questioned whether to find out the baby’s sex. No matter how conscientious you want to be, you make lots of assumptions about your future kid based on their sex. But, selfishly, I am impatient … Continue reading

Bump bootie

You guys. It’s here. This is me at 11w/3d So that was two weeks ago. Last night as I was reminding myself not to lay on my back, I felt A Bump. Not a Bloat, which I’ve had since day one, but A Ginuwine Bump. Proof at 13w/4d:       The top button on … Continue reading

Thankful bootie…

Thanksgiving and I have a love/hate relationship. Love: traditions that involve family, gratefulness, feasting. Meh: turkey, nut job shopping. Hate: mashed potato hangover and the absurdity of a celebration of how our ancestors murdered an entire race to take land that their god (I think his name is Moola, some kind of weird cash bovine … Continue reading

Belly bootie…

When I thought about being pregnant, I imagined weekly belly photos, super healthy eating and being a work out queen. Heh. Here’s some advice: Don’t feel guilty if this is your experience: Incessant hunger (like, stomach growling, not “I like food and want to eat it”) +¬†Inability to stomach anything but simple carbs = so … Continue reading

Baby bootie

Well, here’s my solid excuse for my sporadic at best blogging lately: WE’RE HAVING A BABY! We had our first ultrasound today and everything looked great. I’m due June 16. My diet has been anything but balanced. I have to eat or I’ll puke (I tested that this morning. I puked in a Panera before … Continue reading